Welcome to the Berthoud Fire Protection District

Mission Statement
“To Serve, To Care, To Support”

Core Values:
  • Integrity: We stand undivided in promoting harmony and maintaining high ethical standards which include honesty, faith, compassion, loyalty, duty and forgiveness.
  • Innovation: We encourage and support creative ideas which improve our services.
  • Traditions: We respect the transcendent wisdom and time honored practices which have set the foundation for our community and our profession.
  • Stewardship: We are vigilant in upholding the trust of the community, caring for their safety, and honorably managing their public resources.
  • Professionalism: We take pride in our proficiency, maturity, leadership and accountability to our mission.
  • People: We respect all people and care about their safety and well being regardless of status, origin, or personal beliefs.
Organizational Goals
To successfully accomplish our mission, the Board of Directors, the Fire Chief and staff are committed to:
  • Perform our duties in a manner consistent with the founding principles of our nation.
  • Operate under the principle of authority.
  • Aspire to live according to the highest ideals of our profession.
  • Foster trust in our relationship with the community.
  • Promote stability in the community by commending those who practice fire safety, supporting the family unit and building goodwill with those we serve.
  • Encourage safety to prevent fires.
  • Educate the community at large as to its role in establishing fire safe environments.
  • Generate voluntary compliance with safety procedures.
  • Awaken the conscience of the personnel and citizens we serve to their duties and responsibilities in preventing and/or stopping fires.