Berthoud Hose Company No. 1 125 Years Later

The Berthoud Fire Protection District (District), a Special District under C.R.S. Title 32, Colorado Revised Statutes, celebrated 125 years of service to the Berthoud community in 2013; from hose carts pulled by volunteer firefighters to fire apparatus of the 21st Century driven and operated by career and reserve firefighters. The Berthoud Hose Company No. 1 was hastily formed to protect the Town of Berthoud from fire following the devastating fire that destroyed the Davis & Hartford Mercantile. In the early years of fire protection within the Town of Berthoud, fire apparatus responded from a fire station shared with the Town of Berthoud in the 600 block of 4th Street. That building was later used for fire training following the opening of a new fire station in the 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue. Over the years the Berthoud Volunteer Fire Department evolved, on June 19, 1950 the Berthoud Fire Protection District was established by order and decree of the Larimer County District Court.

In the early 1960’s the District’s fire station on Massachusetts Avenue was vacated; fire apparatus were relocated to a new fire station in the 200 block of Mountain Avenue. The District has called Station 1, located at 275 Mountain Avenue, its home for more than 40 years. In 1990, following the approval of a bond by the tax payers of the District, Fire Station 1 was expanded and the Berthoud Area Community Center was built.
Following the completion of a “strategic Plan” in 1998, the District received approval of a bond to construct a second fire station located at 4014 West County Road 8, west of the Town of Berthoud. With the completion of Fire Station 2, the purchase of necessary fire apparatus and the hiring of additional career firefighters; emergency services throughout the District were improved, response times were lowered, and additional firefighters were immediately available to respond from either station
Prior to the remodel of Fire Station 1, the construction of Fire Station 2, the purchase of fire apparatus and the hiring of additional career firefighters the Districts Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) was
5 / 9/ 10. Following the remodel of Fire Station 1, the construction of Fire Station 2, the purchase of necessary fire apparatus and the addition of career firefighters the District’s ISO / PPC was lowered to a Public Protection Classification 3 for all properties within 5 driving miles of either fire station, saving property owners thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.

The District’s Board of Directors has maintained a vision to provide the highest quality of service to the Town of Berthoud and surrounding area. The District serves more than 17,500 residents within its 103 square mile area. Fire protection, emergency medical, rescue, hazardous material response and emergency management services are provided to portions of Larimer, Weld and Boulder Counties. The Board of Directors are visionaries, leading the fire service in innovative ideas of providing the highest quality and cost effective service, community involvement, and seeking excellence as a public service agency.