It’s All About Goals

In 2000 the Berthoud Fire Protection District established a goal of improving services to our community and lowering insurance premiums to home and business property owners by; reducing response times, increase firefighter staffing, the purchase of necessary fire apparatus and equipment, purchase and install fire hydrants in strategic locations and the construction of a second station. The community passed a bond issue and General Fund mill levy increase to bring to fruition the goals of the District.

The District built Station 2 at the intersection of West County Road 8 and County Road 23, purchased and installed fire hydrants strategically throughout the District, purchased additional fire apparatus and equipment and hired additional career and volunteer firefighters. Our goal of reducing response times, improving services, and lowering insurance premiums to home and business property owners within five driving miles of either fire station came to fruition.
Priority Based Budgeting was and continues to be the process utilized by the Berthoud Fire Protection District (BFPD) to assure that resources are directed toward programs that best achieve the delivery of professional and quality services to our community. The BFPD has focused its business practices to create fiscal health while sustaining and/or improving our Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification which is a direct reflection on our quality of service.